General Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Valley Small Business Development Corporation?
Q. What is the difference between the State Loan Guarantee Program and your Direct Financing Programs?
Q. Are these products a loan or a grant and do you have to pay them back?
Q. What is the maximum loan to value that Valley will loan on real estate loans?
Q. Isn’t it hard to get an FSA Loan Guarantee for an agricultural loan?
Q. Do you make loans outside the Fresno area? If so where?
Q. May I speak to a loan officer?
Q. May I make an appointment with a loan officer?
Q. Do you have someone that can help me with a Business Plan?
Q. Do you need a Business Plan to complete the application online?
Q. My credit isn’t that good. Can I still apply for a loan?
Q. Do you use my credit score to qualify me for a loan?
Q. How long does the process take?
Q. What type of collateral do we look at?
Q. Do you do unsecured loans?
Q. Do you provide start-up financing?
Q. Can I finance my loan fees?
Q. Are there special loan programs for U.S. veterans, minority, and/or women owned businesses?
Q. Can you do 100% project financing?