Small Business Loan Programs FAQ

I am trying to complete an application and I have some questions, may I speak to someone for assistance?
Do you provide start-up financing?
Do you provide 100% project financing?
Do you have someone that can help me with a Business Plan?
Do you provide grants for small businesses?
Do you make loans to purchase real estate to establish rental properties?
My credit history is not that good, can I still apply for a loan?
I filed Bankruptcy can I still qualify for a loan?
Can you tell me how much I can qualify for?
I have the majority Interest in the business, do I need my partner(s) to be involved in obtaining financing?
I would like to start a small business but I am not sure where to start, could you direct me to some information and resources on starting a business?
I want to get financing to buy an existing business, is it required for me to obtain tax or financial information for the business?
I want to buy an existing business and its assets do I need to go through escrow (eg. bulk sales transfer)?
Do I need to get all the proper operating permits, licensing, and legal filings done for my business before I start the loan application process?